Vamsi and Kumar escape from the daily grind

02 Jun

I have a plan to fight off shadow work, FYI it means never really being far from work because of cell phones and/or Internet. The idea is called shadow slacking, where you are never really far from slacking. In addition to the usual suspects of FB, email, and magazines, I have discovered blogging!
It’s one of the weeks Los Angeles feels more like Los Diablos. I had a near miss from yet another speeding ticket, missed a wonderful opportunity to move into playa vista ( the adult equivalent of Alice in wonderland), and as if this is not enough, it rained on my freshly waxed/detailed car 😦
It’s also the week I realized that am in a mad dash to get somewhere in life but don’t know where! That’s a bone chilling truth as I’ve just turned 30 and supposed to have my shit figured out. Yes, I run my own biz and opening another one. Yes, I’ve joined MBA program and near top of my class. But no, I haven’t mastered time management and no, I am not settled yet! (I’m not yappin bout homes!)
My obsession to mentally photograph anything and everything that’s utterly useless has hit a peak and the contrariwise jumped into a valley. I remember word-word all the oldies’ lyricsbut have difficulty remembering important stuff (pay bills,shift apartment yada yada). This reminds me of what my 2nd grade math teacher warned me of! Assuming that my brain yields to the law of physics, there is only so much I can store. OK, point noted and swiftly forgotten 😉
Talking about forgetting, as a punishment the Empire of Economic Fundamentals strikes back. Greece, Spain, Dubai and am I starting to hear a whisper of pending bankruptcy from California? Whatever happened to kicking the proverbial (debt) can down to our grand children?? Talk about karmic fairness! It nukes any chances of early recovery of the economy.
After 2 yrs. Of working out , I present the stats. 305 backpull and 1100 leg push but why the heck is my bench press struck at 150 for a year now, talk about plateauing ! Somebody needs to shake up the routine a little! But this brings an inconvenient truth . Is my head too small for my shoulders and my adam’s apple too big? BTW it’s a rhetorical question, don’t answer that!
There are some news an ordinary man should never share but I am a superman 😛 I got hit on repeatedly by this guy following me all around Bloomingdale’s 2nd floor . My gaydar didn’t go off at first but following me to the parking lot, please, gimme a break. I politely told him that I don’t swing that way. Although truth be told that I have been haunted by switching SO to take advantage of this kind of attention lately! But switching sides?? I thunk again! Gays are bigger drama queens than girls and their love making is not natural ! yay, I don’t have OCD and back to SI swimsuit edition ..hahaha
And here is some juicy news worthy of K-Earth 101 . I end up meeting some chick who is dying for some over the sweater action – (no prizes for guessing who!) I don’t exactly dig queens of dry humping . And, don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad ?!
A holler to all terminator fans! A dear friend has showed me the movie location of T2, where the kid is chased by the T1000 in a Mack truck and our Governator(T-800) comes to the kid’s rescue. The place is now a useless canal. So I say that we recreate the scene and I want to do the role of the kid on bike. But, I am taking auditions next week for the other two roles (no recommendation letters accepted, it’s on a pure merit basis, T-X need not apply) . Also, accepting monetary donations from all T2 fans, who might be time-commitment challenged!
I have always wanted to introduce our accounting professor Dr. Lawrence Kalbers . What a welcome respite from a previous prof., who shamelessly kissed his own ass, class in and class out. Kalbers is smarter than a whip. He retorts out of line questions that would make stand-up comedians like Chris Rock and Dane Cook, to stand up and notice (pun intended) !
It has came to my notice that some shapeshifting sexists created stereotypes that guys think through their groins, while girls by their hormones. So I want to set the record straight. Both guys and girls think through their asses, or how else do you explain electing Bush twice? On a more serious note, the Obama administration asked BP to take full responsibility to mop up it’s mess. It’s like my roommate asking me to taste my own cooking..why would I do that? 😉 “Yes, we can not” is the new slogan that BP is over and over again trying to convey this to the President.

The coming week is actually the real judgment day. Its high time to prove that Lakers are not chokers. In my scheme of things, Celtics team 2008 team is 2 yrs older and Lakers 2008 team is 2yrs more experienced. We used to blew 25point leads in 4th quarter , while now we are (almost) blowing 17 point leads only! P.S: Steve called me about suggestions for Magic’s plans for fishing. I suggested him Martha’s vineyard . And, soon they would have Celtics company ! P.S , P.S : I am already making plans to attend Lakers Parade !
I sayeth on to thee- “Bye bye daily grind and welcome home, ecstatic times“
Vamsi, Myself and Kumar

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One response to “Vamsi and Kumar escape from the daily grind

  1. Murali

    June 2, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    awesome. Your writing style rocks!


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