Bromancing the beach and other nutty nonsense from a Narcissist

10 Jul

As some of you might know, I lately moved to Playa Del Rey, just 3 blocks from the beach! It has been one long wait for me, but a well rewarded experience! The decision to move out from a place opposite The Grove is not an easy one for me, and had somehow talked myself into it . In life when one door closes another one opens! I now have two wonderful roommates, Ben & Manny,both are in the movie industry and an adorable dog named Mozart !

Playa is 2 mins. drive to LMU and 2 mins. biking to the beach! Taking inspiration from Ben who has done it all in outdoor activities (sailing, flying,camping and even biking across Colorado mountains !) I planned on a little bike trip of my own. Ben and I are joined by an equally crazy guy Tushar, who would subsequently have several days of sore behind . The plan is to bike from LA to SB, but Ben didn’t trust us we would do 100 miles of biking through the hills! It was decided that we take Amtrak upto SB and make a 2day bike trip from SB to LA. Gallons of water, loads of powerade and a tyre puncture after we reached LA, everything a little sore except our spirits! I carried a backpack most of the trip and that nearly killed my middle back! In the pantheon of dumb ideas, the backpack idea ranks next only to Shrek forver after.

We are again planning a trip from SF to SB, a totally dangerous ,crazy and near-suicidal idea! But, it’s my way of (over)-compensating years of laziness, if you will! And, I am sure this won’t be the last one.
When I was young, I never really played any sports (unless playing with my pecker counts!?),so I am a little excited to discover the brave new world of active living. It’s hiking, biking and some surfing hopefully! The weekends in Playa feel like I am living in retreat paradise, and far away from the humdrum of the city. I still work, study and workout on weekends, but life is devoid of antsiness. Everything is in perfect harmony! If my life has a groundhog day then let (might?) this be that day!

I always make a point of talking about Obama. Right now he looks as a bee keeper, one without the right gear and with lot of rogue bees out there to get him! As if Oil spill, McChrystal, Israel problems are not enough, he now has to deal with the death of Senator Byrd! Another well deserving achievement is the gold rally. The yellow metal has breached $1250/oz mark. It is not a great achievement by itself but when compared to remarkable drop in stocks, it would have been an awesome trade! Governments around the world are trying to fend of recession by keeping interest rates historically low, and government spending quite high, so I feel there is still a little gas left in the rally!

Now is a good time as any to introduce the Dunning-Kruger effect: people who don’t know much tend not to recognize their ignorance, and so fail to seek better information. There are many victims of this effect with some of them investing in stock market. God only can save them! Why don’t they all go to Vegas? While they would still lose money, you would get free drinks in the process 😛

Last week was also one of the rare times I felt a genuine emotion. I was at my library café and saw a girl buying food/drinks to all of her friends. Just to see what happens, for the heck of it, I asked me to buy me food sure she obliged! I was a bit bemused and somehow found words to thank her. She said something back like “Karma will come back to me”. I gave a platonic hug and stepped out of the café. That is a sweet sweet thing coming especially from a sophomore girl, who I considered to be stuck (way) up and don’t give a hoot for. I promise to pay it forward !

The city grew around me and I have a feeling I made my peace with it. I was lucky to attend a Dodgers game and everything except the score went perfect! I made some excellent friends in the process too. We are all supposed to behaving like MBAers and blah, but I realized we are just another bunch of kids but pretending to be grown ups, groping for our place in adulthood! We had way too much fun Karaoking and then taking pot shots at each other later at Tony’s apartment. The seeming immaturity is a sign that we haven’t had many issues with life or all have a peter pan syndrome! As an avowed agnostic it will be unfair to take god’s name in vain, but truth be told that I truly felt blessed.

My new dog, Mozart, made me thinking that actually I am a dog myself. Like a dog which recovers by licking its own wounds, I have finally overcome my bouts of depression by fessing up to people and sometimes even writing about it! Having had a constant need for validation and then to trying to fit in, I am elated to finally have a handle on rejection. I want to be true to myself and also others, so if I am not sugarcoating anymore then you know why!

I don’t have serious plans to enroll in marriage institution. At the least, not until and unless I meet someone a tad more intelligent than I am, and a lot less headstrong as I have been! And, be my conscience keeper or my moral compass. Also, of course be open to bike the world and get old together. And as if it’s all gonna happen, she has to like me too! I am not exactly wishing on a shooting , but wouldn’t it be wonderful to quit gym, eat pizza and drink real beer (not the MGD 64, it tastes and looks like dilute pee…gross!) .

I have one last rant about Dr. Kalbers. He sure made me a better day trader and stock analyst,but if anyone is taking accounting class with him, keep couple of things in mind. He is deceptively cool in teaching and dangerously hard in grading! Is that what we get for pretending to like his jokes ?
There is an unspoken rule in hometeam cheering that you remain unspoken about losses. As always, I want to clear the air. Ghana is the only African team to make it to quarter-finals. Having come from a third-world country myself, I understand what this means to Ghanians. India as some of us know has the notoriety of having the least talent for any sporting event, of any country (sub-saharan countries included! Here in the US we have MLB, NBA, NFL,NHL and MLS(may be?), so I think I can live with Ghana’s win against US, and too bad they couldn’t progress into semis !.

I was a cynic who knew the price of everything and the value of nothing, but I now morphed into a realist who celebrates the freedom and opportunities in my new home. What a true joyous experience that renewing the vows of life is! Dream big, live large, and work harder !

Me, myself and my future memories

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One response to “Bromancing the beach and other nutty nonsense from a Narcissist

  1. Murali

    July 12, 2010 at 4:49 am

    Hey Vamsi,
    Another well written collection of your musings!
    Mozart is looking really cool. Love dogs 🙂


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