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Why Google can’t kill my startup

Brutal honesty helps when you are dealing with the careers of employees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment. This is why I want to answer hard
questions sooner rather than later. It would also help assure to merchant partners and prospective investors that we are building a highly valuable product here at Trolion.

No startup worth its weight can be built in three months with any degree of reasonable success. We’ve been in hibernation mode for the last year, only occasionally sharing the details with friends and family. But, now we are excited to let everyone know that we are ready to launch soon.

The core of Trolion’s value proposition rose from my experience owning and operating small businesses. That experience continues to shape how we do things here. As a restaurant and travel agency operator, I experienced firsthand how challenging it was to attract and—moreover—retain loyal customers and clients. Sometimes 80 hr. weeks for several years doesn’t even cut it. In food & beverage and hospitality, our operating margins aren’t that high, so marketers who cater to these businesses really need to provide great bang for the buck. Deal-making sites really need to re-evaluate their business practices if they’re going to be in it for the long-haul and charging 50% commissions just isn’t going to work anymore.

With “offers” Google is making the above mistake, and it deludes into thinking that NFC is going to take over the world. Given its questionable ROI, small business owners won’t replace credit card equipment. Google won’t intimidate me let alone kill my business.

Trolion has great value proposition for customers too. They have been wary of the barrage of daily deal sites out there and have been misled by companies promising great deals on local products and services, but then get spammed with useless deals that are of no relevance to them. Add to that, when customers do buy these deals, the redemption experience is less than pleasant, to say the least[.

Our product, Rush49, is aiming to change the way local merchants do business by turning the “daily deals” phenomena up on its head by delivering real value and generating customer loyalty . At the heart of Rush49 is the Resonance engine which takes into account an individual user’s personal preferences, location, and time of the offer. It learns what you like and dislike and where you are and where you want to go. We complement the engine with a discrete appointment and redemption app that is integrated with merchant’s back-end systems to provide a more seamless, hassle-free redemption experience.

Consumers expect increasingly more from businesses and will continue to do so as technology makes things easier; but, technology has to come to terms with humans, and not the other way around. At Trolion, we refer to this as human-centric technology. It is our intention to stay away from easy profits and build protectable IP around this technology.

Full disclosure: Image borrowed from I don’t hate google but I strongly feel that it stick what is good at i.e enabler of global commerce

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